Haptic Bodywork
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  • $65 - 60 minutes / $80 - 75 Minutes / $95 - 90 Minutes

    Freestyle / Swedish / Relaxation

    The freestyle is a full body relaxation massage that offers an easily customizable blend of various massage techniques including Esalen massage, Swedish massage, and Balinese massage.   Swedish and freestyle massage are often used interchangeably with the former being the base technique for all massage.

    Freestyle Massage

  • $75 - 60 Minutes / $95 - 75 Minutes / $110 - 90 Minutes

    Deep Tissue / Sports / Therapeutic

    This treatment focuses on the deeper postural muscles, supporting connective tissues, and fascia.  Studies have shown, and current literature supports deep tissue massage -also called myofascial release or MFR for short- for treatment of lumbar radiculopathy (Lower back pain/disc herniations).  By using slow static techniques muscle bellies are finessed into relaxation and the connective tissues receive a deep stretch.

    Deep Tissue


  • $75 - 60 Minutes

    Neuromuscular Therapy

    N.M.T. is a results-driven form of manual therapy.  This is a safe, fast, and effective treatment for chronic pain and dysfunction and can deliver rapid results.  The session is specific to areas of pain and the referral patterns associated with them as well as areas of compensation.  A slow methodical approach is applied so all the sore spots are addressed.


  • $115 - 75 Minutes / $85 - 50 Minutes

    Hot Stones

    This is the ultimate relaxation massage and will warm you to the core.  We use placement stones on key areas of tension, massage with the stones, and manually manipulate the muscles.  Warmth is something we can all benefit from.  It makes us feel safe and at ease.  Massage with hot stones enhances the sensation and can really make the massage more enjoyable.

    Hot Stones


  • $60 - 50 Minutes

    Customer’s Choice!

    Choose any 2 areas for 25 minutes of massage on each!

    Back, neck, and shoulders; Arms and hands; Hands; Feet and legs; Feet; Scalp; Face

    *2 areas must be selected.  No doubling up.  Back, neck, and shoulders are considered 1 area.


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